Admission, Attendance, Late comer report, Fee details, Online exams, Feedback, Exam results reports can be obtained for student. The information thus obtained can be deployed for taking effective as well as corrective measures to help them in performing better and realizing their potential.

Staff management helps to manage all the information about their staff along with Attendance, staff to staff feedback, staff appraisal feedback, staff leave management, conducting exams. It keeps a record of attendance for the particular session including leaves taken by the staff member. Manage faculty appraisals and evaluations with minimum effort.

Keeping up with the shifting technological standards and the 'Internet of Things' is the growing need of the hour for Institutions. Streamline your whole admission process and reduce unnecessary overheads with our Admission Management System for your institution. Manage the admission process with online custom admission forms, filtering, allotments, etc.

Book-Entry Master, Magazine Entry Master, Damage/Loss Books Entry Master, Subject Master, Library Membership Information, Book Issued Information, Book Return Information can be obtained. Manage entire library through Library management System Different kind of reports like; total no. of books, no. of issued books, no. of journals, etc.

Get notified of various events and to make the campus paperless. Stay informed and connected through school news, schedules, newsletters, and more. Notify students when the Institution has special events.

The system is incorporated with a penalty automation feature in its module, that automatically allocates a fee penalty post due date. Rather than calculating the fine manually, the system automatically calculates the fine.

The system is incorporated with information of students who come late to school/college. Keeps records of all late comer students.

Website creation, hosting and ensure that your web site is up to date with changes to text, images and much more. Service involving updating, analyzing, promoting and developing of a website.

To make it easy for the students, this module can be used. They can apply for and get various certificates like transfer certificate. It would save a lot of time and resources as well as make it convenient for the students and employees of the institute.

Manages stock requirements in real-time and increasing inventory turns can help in improving cash flows thus maintaining cost. All college assets management. Proper allocation of resources, Complete stock status summary, Recording inventory transactions etc.

Can identify, analyze and track all the activities and issues inside the institution. Management can analyze and provide feedback for improving the overall management of the institution.

And more pluggable features: media library, data management for hostel and transport, library, academic year, student promotion and graduation, user configurable themes.